PISAK & PARTNERS provides its clients with comprehensive, high-quality legal advice at the level of international standard.

We provide legal assistance to clients with a wide-range, from individuals to large corporations. We offer individual solutions based on the specific situation of each client.


Our History

PISAK & PARTNERS is a Slovak law firm with a long history of legal practice. From the very beginning the firm went with an emphasis on providing a highly professional and specialized services. We are existing in our current legal form since 2009, but which is a natural successor to the previous legal practice of the founder Daniel Pisák since 1996.  Daniel is still a leading lawyer of the law office with a long-term specialized legal practice acquired at leading law firms as well as to work for international companies, governments and international organizations. Due to French educational background, Daniel is well known also in the French business community in Slovakia. In the past, Daniel worked for the EU Affairs Department of the Slovak Ministry of Finance, as well as for the Commercial Department of the French Embassy in Slovakia. Daniel speaks Slovak, Czech, French and English, and understand also Ukrainian, Polish and Russian.


Values & Philosophy

PISAK & PARTNERS helps individuals and business companies, organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions or other entities. We believe that the primary aim of any lawyer’s work is not to provide “impartial” and “strictly legal” advice, but rather to help our clients drive their businesses forward. Our clients always recieves a straight answer and practical solutions to their legal problems. We are able to offer legally solid yet also commercial advice through innovative use of our professional skills and technology to meet our clients’ needs. It is our practice to set up a compact structured team of dedicated professionals to service each client. Whatever the work, it is overseen by a partner with the responsibility to ensure continuous service at cost-effective levels of manpower.



Pro Habitat Services

PISAK & PARTNERS, given its key specialization is in the field of real estate offers advantageous legal advice aimed at promoting housing, especially for young people and their families who decide to buy a property. As this is one of the largest investments in the lives of many people, it should be treated with due diligence even from legal point of view. Admittedly, it helps avoid unexpected problems in the future. Given that young people in these transactions do not have many remaining funds to assess the contractual documentation by a qualified lawyer due to their prices for such services. For this reason, we decided to help this group of people trough "Pro Habitat" services so that they can enjoy new housing with a sense of security.


Experience & Approach

PISAK & PARTNERS has professionals who have extensive experience in thier relevant field of law. Our lawyers have gained extensive experience in providing legal advice to the most demanding of global corporations as well as leading local businesses. Our strength is the ability to get things done, rather than finding good reasons why they cannot be done. We know that our success is largely dependent on the exceptional legal skills and commercial approach to our legal advice. It is therefore imperative to understand the interests of our clients and the market in which they operate. A thorough understanding of their needs allows us to provide services with high added value, which, combined with highly professional guidance of legal practice gives clients the ability to get a whole new experience in the providing legal services.