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We realize that the most effective way of providing legal advice lies in the specialisation.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience in comprehensive legal advice in connection with implementation of real estate transactions, private and public, including construction and development of real estate projects, legal due diligence, leasing and property management, mainly shopping centers and galleries, office and...


We provide advice on all aspects of business companies from inception to merger, division, transformation or expulsion. We advise also in the process of company liquidation, bankruptcy and restructuring. Continuous consulting in the day to day running of a company is, of course, included as well. Our experts provide...

Public Procurement

We deal with matters relating to public procurement on the side of contracting authorities and applicants as well.. We provide assistance in the preparation of tenders and contract documentation, as well as throughout the whole procurement procedure. We also provide legal support to applicants in the form of...


In the field of labor law, we are focused mainly in the area of consulting on management contracts, employment contracts and other employment and working documents regulating relations between employers and employees, terminations and layoffs, including advice on business close down of companies and collective layoffs,...

Intellectual Property

Consultancy in the field of intellectual property rights is provided in particular to the protection of copyrights, trademarks and said registration at a national, European and global level, patents and other industrial property rights as well as protection of trade secrets and know-how.

Litigation & Arbitration

We have a team of experienced procedural lawyers representing clients in civil and commercial proceedings not only before general but also before arbitration courts. Advice and assistance to the client includes an initial analysis of the facts and evidence of the situation, preparation of strategy, representation in...
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Law firm PISAK & PARTNERS provides its clients with comprehensive, high-quality legal advice at the level of international standard.

Pisak & Partners about

Dealing with what we understand

PISAK & PARTNERS is among the most qualified and most experienced specialised law firms on the legal market.

We provide legal assistance to clients with a wide-range, from individuals to large corporations. 

We offer individual solutions based on the specific situation of each client.


Daniel Pisák


PISAK & PARTNERS is a Slovak law firm with a long history of legal practice. From the very beginning the firm went with an emphasis on providing a highly professional and specialized services. We are existing in our curent legal form since 2009, but which is a natural successor to the previous legal practice... Read more
PISAK & PARTNERS helps individuals and business companies, organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions or other entities. We believe that the primary aim of any lawyer’s work is not to provide “impartial” and “strictly legal” advice, but rather to help our clients drive their businesses... Read more
PISAK & PARTNERS, given its key specialization is in the field of real estate offers advantageous legal advice aimed at promoting housing, especially for young people and their families who decide to buy a property. As this is one of the largest investments in the lives of many people, it should be treated with due... Read more
PISAK & PARTNERS has professionals who have extensive experience in their relevant field of law. Our lawyers have gained extensive experience in providing legal advice to the most demanding of global corporations as well as leading local businesses. Our strength is the ability to get things done, rather than... Read more
Everything In One Place


We never rely on only the mere knowledge of the applicable law, but we always provide the client with a comprehensive service related to the business case, in particular the provision of services of a notary, economic and tax advisors, expert witnesses, and translators/interpreters in relevant fields. For this purpose, we have created a network of professionals who are ready to professionally and effectively collaborate with us on each case basis.